intelligent Measurement

Learn how to measure Structures both efficient and precisely


Scanbooster will show you the results of your measurement:


Did you display the right structure?


Scanbooster will show you if you measured the right structure.


How is your measurement compared to a "perfect" measurement. Scanbooster shows you perceptual deviation and evaluation how you compare to others.

Artificial intelligence

Scanboosters built in Artificial intelligence will show you the perfect line for measurement. It doesn't matter what cut you choose for measurement. Scanbooster analyzes the cut image automatically and shows you the result.

3 Easy Steps



Find the asked structure and freeze the image.



Turn on Measurement Mode and precisely determine the correct length.



Scanbooster will show you the results and your personal improvements.

Key Features

Speed up measuring structures in real life.

Just use Scanbooster to train the skills needed for fast and accurate measuring.


sequence of structures that are being asked to display and measure.

Learn Ultra Fast

Learning by actually doing measurements is much more effective than just reading about it. Grab your iPhone or iPad -or both- and start training measuring structures right away!

Every Structure

You will be asked to not only show every structure but also measure it correctly. Afterwards our built in artificial intelligence will show you the results: Deviation, optimal measurement line and rating. This way you can concentrate on your weak points and especially train them.


When you don't find a structure inside this volume or the layer you selected doesn't contain it - Don't worry. Scanbooster automatically asks you if you need help and will guide you to the right scanning position. That's how you will learn how to find the structure. Scanbooster doesn't show you the solution right away. We help you to find it yourself as it is proven that learning is much more effective this way.


Scanbooster makes it easy for you to transfer the knowledge you gained from training to a real ultrasound device. We are currently conducting a scientific study to prove that training with Scanbooster is much more effective in learning than reading a standard text book. 


Using the measurement mode comes totally free with Scanbooster. Every volume that you have in your library is available for both training modes. Because we think that learning should be available to everyone we will not only let you learn by yourself but support you in training.