intelligent Structure

Monitor your learning progress.

Train the structures you need.

Key Features

Learning Ultrasonography consists of knowledge and practice.

Knowledge consists of anatomy and recognition.

Intelligent Structure teaches you these two.


sequence of structures that are being asked to display.

Learn Ultra Fast

Learning by actually doing ultrasound is a vast improvement in learning. Just imagine you have to transfer the 2D knowledge of a textbook to a real ultrasound scan. With Scanbooster the transition from learning to examination is much easier.

Many Structures

You're asked to display every structure that is contained in a volume. That means you will learn every structure that is visible in free scanning mode on the left of the screen. Every volume contains many structures that are very important for this organ or this pathology. Leading experts carefully select the most important ones and make sure they are correctly shown.


When you don't find a structure inside this volume or the layer you selected doesn't contain it - Don't worry. Scanbooster automatically asks you if you need help and will guide you to the right scanning position. That's how you will learn how to find the structure. Scanbooster doesn't show you the solution right away. We help you to find it yourself as it is proven that learning is much more effective this way.


Scanbooster makes it easy for you to transfer the knowledge you gained from training to a real ultrasound device. We are currently conducting a scientific study to prove that training with Scanbooster is much more effective in learning than reading a standard text book. 


Using the structure mode comes totally free with Scanbooster. Every volume that you have in your library is available for both training modes. Because we think that learning should be available to everyone we will not only let you learn by yourself but support you in training.