Excel in learning Ultrasonography by using our unique Labelling

Just a tap. Now Scanbooster displays every structure contained in this Ultrasound Examination. We use a special translucency technique which allows you to see both the structure and the labelling.


Structures are sorted by Artery, Vein and Special Structures.


We carefully select every color to guarantee maximum clarity.


Scanbooster uses the top important Structures to display. Therefore we achieve a maximum level of clarity while concentrating on the most important contents to learn.


Scanbooster doesn't only display physiologic structures but also pathologic structures in our pathological Volumes. We place great importance of teaching everything that is important in a volume to both students and doctors.

Real time

Scanbooster's color labelling is displayed in real time with no latency. Just scan through the volume as you normally would while seeing every structure at the same time.


You can select the transparency of structures to fit your needs.

Try it out yourself!

Just drag the slider to see how Scanbooster Labelling works

Labelling turned on Labelling turned off

BoosterLabelling means

Having a professor

built into your

iPad and iPhone

that knows every structure.

No need to look up a structure in a single 2D Picture in a 2D Book that is heavy and boring. Just start scanning.

Structures come free

with your Volume

Extensive Amount

of available structures. In every volume.

Superfast learning

every structure


For free. For Lifetime

Sorted by type of structure

Artery. Vein. Special Structures

Save time

Find structures faster when performing a real ultrasound scan.

Innovative Design

to guide you through every volume. Efficient.

Save money

BoosterLabelling saves you a lot of money when compared to aged literature