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Scanbooster Control PRO - transforms your iPhone into a virtual ultrasound probe to control Scanbooster Sonography simulator on your iPad. Realistic ultrasound simulation for you to learn Sonography.
How to perform an ultrasound exam - look no further: Scanbooster is the world

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  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyEntails the basic functionality of Scanbooster and gives you a first impression
  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyOne real patient case is included
  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyScanbooster Control app is NOT included
  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyScan tutorial is NOT included
  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyNo registration required
  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyUnlimited trial period
  • qxio-ios-checkmark-emptyUnlimited number of users per institution


1. Download Scanbooster on the AppStore to your smartphone and/or tablet

Look for "Scanbooster Ultrasound Sim" on the AppStore or click this link:

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2. Open the app and select "Free exam"

3. Select "Free test"

4. You're now all set and ready to start! We wish you a great scanning experience with Scanbooster!

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