Scanbooster® PRO

Our institutional licensing for Scanbooster Ultrasound Sim.

All of Scanbooster's great features for your students, colleagues, residents, employees and course participants.

At a reduced rate*

*compared to individual purchase.

Scanbooster Control PRO - transforms your iPhone into a virtual ultrasound probe to control Scanbooster Sonography simulator on your iPad. Realistic ultrasound simulation for you to learn Sonography.
How to perform an ultrasound exam - look no further: Scanbooster is the world's first realistic ultrasound simulator app

The idea

We've created Scanbooster® PRO specifically to meet the needs of our institutional customers. It allows professors, trainers and providers of courses a simple way of teaching sonography.

Great Features

From unique physiological organ volumes to very complex and rare pathologies - we've got you covered. All available organ volumes are included in our Scanbooster® PRO license. With our ever growing pool of both physiological and pathological volumes you won't even be able to keep up.

Scanbooster® Control PRO

With every license for Scanbooster® PRO, our Control App is included as well. It transforms your iPhone into a virtual ultrasound probe to control Scanbooster® on your iPad - for maximum realism.

Perfect labelling

Need your students to train on their own without helping them? No problem. With Scanbooster's advanced labelling system learning becomes a breeze. All important structures are shown in colors - live while scanning.

Maximum realism

Scanning like the real thing - that's what our goal is with Scanbooster. We use real ultrasound images and add our secret and special processing algorithms. That's why we're able to present you the world's first and most realistic ultrasound simulator app.

Your needs

We concentrate on your needs. That's why we've created Scanbooster PRO. Each license is valid for one year and contains as many users as you'd like. It can be used on one iPhone and one iPad per user. Our Scanbooster Control PRO app is included for free and can be used on one iPhone per user. Pricing depends on how many users you acquire.

Learning diary

With our learning diary your students can keep track of their learning process and specifically practice what's most important for them.

The Vision

To make learning sonography accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime - without the need to have a high-end ultrasound device, a professor or a patient around.

Tim Hartmann
Founder & CEO

Included in your license for free:

Scanbooster® Control PRO

Scanbooster Control PRO

Transform your iPhone into a virtual ultrasound probe to control Scanbooster Ultrasound Sim on your iPad - almost just like with a real ultrasound device!


AirScan is a real game changer: Move your iPhone through the air to control Scanbooster. With airScan turned on you'll even see the compression of tissue as well as the image quality change, depending on how hard you "press" your virtual probe against the virtual patient.

Various control modes

You can use swiping to control the forward/backward and right/left movement. Or you use realScan, the most advanced technology to control a virtual ultrasound probe.


With realScan, your iPhone truly becomes your very own virtual ultrasound probe. It enables you to just move your iPhone through the air to control Scanbooster Ultrasound Sim on your iPad. It tracks ALL of your movements precisely and shows them with almost no delay on your iPad. You'll think you're performing a real sonographic scan!

Pure & Simple

Scanbooster displays real sonographic images - for maximum realism. Are you able to tell the difference?


With hapticFeedback turned on, you'll feel every inch of your virtual patient's skin when moving across it. What's more is that you even feel when you've lost contact with your probe - and when you gain it again.

Your Scanbooster PRO license

1 year duration

Scanbooster PRO is valid for one year. Full support included for the complete duration

As many users as you like

How many users can access Scanbooster? It's very simple: As many as you'd like. That's only one of the causes why Scanbooster PRO fits your needs like nothing else. And: The more users you acquire - the more you'll save! That's because the price  per user for a Scanbooster PRO license drops the greater the number of purchased users is.

Save twice - only with Scanbooster PRO

First you save a lot compared to individual purchase of all organ-volumes and pathological cases. Second you'll save the more users you select to purchase because the price per user drops the more you acquire.

Explore ALL fields of sonography

Scanbooster PRO let's you and your students discover all currently available and all future organ-volumes and pathological cases. With this you can explore the complete world of our sonographic imaging - and become an expert.

Fast setup and free updates

After you've made the decision to use Scanbooster at your institution we do our best to set you up in no time. This means that your license can even be ready in as fast as 24h. Of course all future updates and features are included as well.
Realistic ultrasound and sonography simulation on iPhone - Scanbooster Ultrasound simulator app. Here are shown a large array of organs: e.g. liver ultrasound, pregnancy ultrasound - for you to learn sonography
Realistic sono and ultrasound simulation on iPhone - Scanbooster Ultrasound simulator app. Here is shown how to perform a pregnancy ultrasound examination: 14th week of pregnancy ultrasound examination - for you to learn sonography
Scanbooster, the worlds first realistic ultrasound simulator app - Scanbooster Ultrasound simulator app. Here is shown our startscreen: you can choose to select the ultrasound training mode, learning diary and free ultrasound exam - for you to learn sonography
The Experience
Discover many special cases
All currently available cases & all future cases are included with your license

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at our most sought after questions. If your question can't be answered here, our Scanbooster support team is more than happy to assist you.

  • How does it work?

    Scanbooster is the world's first realistic ultrasound simulator app. Not only allows Scanbooster for performing a virtual ultrasound examination all by yourself - it also helps you in doing so. Scanbooster basically puts three things inside your pocket:

    1. a professor
    2. a patient
    3. a high-end ultrasound device

    The only thing you'll need is an iPhone or iPad and battery power.

  • What is required?
  • What payment options are available?
  • How long does a license last?
  • How does the Scanbooster PRO license work?
  • Is Scanbooster PRO also available on Android

Simple Pricing, Instant Sign Up

Ever had a hard time searching for the best pricing option of a product?

Not with Scanbooster PRO.

We have tailored our product to specifically meet our customer's most wanted features to full satisfaction. That's why we offer one simple plan.

Scanbooster PRO

All plans are billed yearly and don't need to be cancelled.

Yearly license

What's Included:

  • An ever growing library of organ volumes.
  • Currently:
  •     -15 physiological organ-volumes
  •     -10 pathological organ-volumes
  •     -all future organ volumes included as well

  • Labelling for all included structures
  • Learning diary
  • Scanbooster Control PRO
  • Fast and friendly support
  • Updates for all current and future organ-volumes

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