Scanbooster Control App


Ultrasound Probe

Use your iPhone like a real ultrasound probe. By turning it you change the angle that is used for scanning. By moving it around you change the position of the probe. It's that easy! Just download the additional Scanbooster Control App to control Scanbooster Ultrasound Simulator on your iPad!

Scanning like the real thing

Just hold your iPhone like a real ultrasound probe.


Hold your iPhone as you like. You can choose between two different scanning positions.


Hold your iPhone how it feels best. Just press "Reset Position" to set the current orientation as standard.


RealScan will truly boost your scanning experience. Using latest technology available and advanced algorithms, realScan allows moving your iPhone in space and therefore navigating through any volume with ease - moving now feels like with a real ultrasound probe. Never before has an iPhone felt like a real ultrasound probe.

Just hold your iPhone as you would hold a real ultrasound probe. It's as easy as that. We support yaw, pitch and roll movement as well as back, forth and sideways.

2 Easy steps



Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and iPad with Scanbooster running


Choose "external" under Control. Select your iPhone That's it!

You can hold your iPhone any position you like. Just press the "Reset position" button at the top. This will set your current position as standard to give you a comfortable and effective scanning position.


See how people use iPhone to control Scanbooster



High frequency sampling

to capture every movement you make. We use the latest Bluetooth Low Energy Technology.


We have different scanning modes available. Just choose the one you like

Super reactive

Very low latency to follow your movements - instantly.

iPhone 5+

Running smoothly on every iPhone 5 and newer


The iPhone scanner app comes totally free!